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In these videos, I interview other mompreneurs and allow them to share their genuine, authentic story.  I'll be interviewing entrepreneurial moms from a variety of businesses and industries.  My vision for this is "Keeping the Journey Real".  Scroll down to hear the journey of these amazing mompreneurs.

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Jessica Kohn - Special OM-casions

Jessica Kohn is the owner of Special OM-casions. She has a unique business model in that she brings yoga to a variety of locations such as your home, workplace and special events. Jessica takes yoga out of the studio and brings it to you.. This idea didn't come to her immediately. It took some time to evolve into what it is today.

Yoga wasn't the career choice that she initially had. However, yoga has been a significant part of her life for many years even throughout her pregnancy.

After Jessica's second daughter was born, she was looking for a way to contribute to her family outside of being a mom. A question that she asked herself was, 'If I could do 1 thing for the rest of my life, what would it be?". Her answer: Yoga.

Check out this Mompreneur Tube interview with Jessica Kohn from Special OM-casions and learn from her how she provides yoga business throughout Sheboygan County.

Jessica Kohn
Special OM-casions

Sarah Atkinson, Acupuncturist

Sarah Atkinson is the owner of Healthy Living Acupuncture. Acupuncture is all about moving blockages. Many of her patients see her for pain management. However, wellness and prevention are key and acupuncture is perfect for that as well.

Her story began in a nursing programs. She has experience in home-car hospice and hospitals and even went to college for nursing. However, she learned a big lesson in working in all these different places.

Due to health problems she was experiencing, Sarah began seeing an acupuncturist and from that point she knew that her journey was working in acupuncture.

Sarah has a 5 month old baby and shares what life as a mompreneur is like with a new baby and older children. One of the most rewarding experiences of being a mompreneur is being able to have the flexibility with her family...sometimes even bringing them to work!

Sarah likes to blend work and play with her family. She keeps the journey real by sharing what her schedule is like, taking it one day at a time.

For more information, contact
Sarah Atkinson
Healthy Living Acupuncture

Julie Frausto, Lakeshore Medical Thermography

Have you ever wondered what thermography is an how it can benefit you?

In this video, Julie Frausto, owner of Lakeshore Medical Thermography, explains exactly what medical thermography is. The digital imaging allows for early detection by examining the heat patterns of the body.

Julie also shares her story as a mompreneur. Her journey as an entrepreneur began long before she even had children. She wanted to pursue her passions and didn't see that in the traditional job.

She finds fulfillment in the different areas of her life not only as a mompreneur.

Julie has active kids and balances life, family, and business. Yet, she faces challenges as well. Julie shares her challenges when it comes to a start up and how to overcome it.

For more information, contact Julie Frausto Lakeshore Medical Thermography at 920-207-3959

Lisa LaBoy, LaBoy Photography

A career in nursing or cosmetology was not a good fit for this mom but being a mompreneur certainly is!

Lisa LaBoy is the owner of LaBoy Photography and she is truly living her purpose. In this episode of Mompreneur Tube, she shares her journey on how she became a mompreneur. Ironically, she stumbled onto this path of being a mompreneur.  

I love how she keeps the journey real for moms. Lisa shares the importance of surrounding yourself with people that can get you through those struggling, overwhelming moments.  We all have them. 

But most of all, you can feel her passion resonate as she shareshow she serves her clients and the why behind her success.  

Lisa can be contacted through her website at  http://laboyphotography.com

Dr. Cindy Munson - Chiro-Health

 Dr. Cindy Munson a chiropractor at Chiro-Health in Plymouth, WI shares her journey as a mompreneur. Her vision and purpose is to positively impact the health of people and growing families. While her focus is on the neurology of the body, she shares and educates her patients different wellness and lifestyle tips.

Dr. Munson shares the transition she had to go through when she got married and had children and how to balance family and a practice.

We also discuss the culture she has developed in her Chiro-Health office and her amazing "Dream Team".

Finally, she shares what it's like to balance business and family along with some tips that she's implemented into her business and life on her journey as a mompreneur.

If you would like to contact Dr. Cindy Munson, her website is http://www.DrCindyMunson.com