And so it goes…

My name is Michelle Shutter but I also go by Mic - M i c.  For whatever reason people don't understand when I introduced myself as Mic.  Perhaps it's because they don't associate a female with that name but I do want you to know that I'm exactly the same person. If I introduce myself as Michelle or Mic...just know, that’s me!

 My husband and I have four boys.   Yes 4 boys with lots of testosterone pumping through this house.  They are ages 18, 15, 11 and 9.  We have a senior all the way to fourth grade.  Every single one of them is involved in multiple sports.  If you don't find us at home, which is sometimes rare,  we’re usually  in the gym,  at the baseball diamond,  at the golf course or on the football field.   Generally, we’re  in the bleachers some place.

I am a former elementary teacher.  I spent 20 years in the Elementary classroom and officially retired a few months ago.  At the beginning of my career, life was really great and I loved teaching.   I worked part-time for  probably 14 years so I could be at home part-time with my kids.   But as years went on and I also knew that there was something else inside of me that wasn't fulfilled which  kind of brought me to where I am today.


I love Keith Urban. Love his music,  love taking road trips and going to his concerts.  It’s just one of those escape times for me.

I am a recovering perfectionist and a recovering SuperHero mom and throughout these different videos and my site, you’ll understand that a little bit more. I wanted everything perfect in life.   I wanted to be the Super Mom in a sense where it is the “SuperHero” mom (baaaadddd choice).  There's nothing wrong with being a super mom because there are many  absolutely fabulous  moms.  

 However, I think the one distinction is I took on the role of wanting to be this superhero mom.  It worked against me and many many ways.   So I'm recovering from being that perfectionist and SuperHero mom.

One of the things that I did to really recover from that SuperHero Mom was to start to reconnecting with my true self.  I see this disconnection in so many moms....in the process of motherhood, we neglect ourselves and become disconnected.  


Not too long ago, I was bantering with my vicious voice (aka inner critic) and I remember hearing ‘You’ve got to lead yourself’…

And within 24 hours, ‘LeadHerShip CEO’ was born…’You were made for more…Period.’

Let’s get back to our true self, lead ourself, and become the CEO…Creator of Expansive Opportunities so that we can have a life that is abundant and rich in every area.

I've used my disconnection as a learning tool to teach others about reconnection.  When you can reconnect with your true self, life is that much more amazing.

Part of my reconnection lead me away from my career as an elementary teacher.  When I left the elementary classroom, after 20 years,  there was really something inside of me that  had been pulling on me for many, many years.  It took me a while and my journey never seemed to be in a straight line.

It was up and down and filled with detours.  I  fell off the road and turn down the wrong path many times. In the end, I wouldn't trade any of that because without it I wouldn't be where I am today..   

I really believe that the dynamic of the family changed when  we left the “Leave it to Beaver era”.   Women started seeking careers to fulfill a missing  piece. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that .  However, I do believe the dynamic of the family changed when there was no longer at least one parent at home...I saw it first hand in the classroom.   

I don't care if you have babies, littles, intermediates or bigs at home, they still need you regardless of where you're at. As a mom to overcome the overwhelm,  anxiety, guilt,  frustrations and responsibilities you have to figure out a way to allow more time in your day.

I also believe the dynamic of the family has changed in the sense of relationships with with a spouse or your significant other.   Yes, we live in a time where the majority of families need 2 incomes but I'm not convinced those two incomes have to be in at 8 to 5 job.  

So I’m on a mission support women in Leading Her Ship so that they can reconnect with their true self and fulfill the purpose in their heart.  It's time to bring the family structure and the family dynamic back together.   Let’s  build those relationships we've always embraced and dreamed about and leave some of this hecticness and hustle at the side.

I invite you to follow my blog, my videos, follow me on Facebook.  Join me live on my Facebook page or catch the replay!

There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.

Here's to your LeadHerShip because you were made for more…Period. Fly your ship.


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The key to success, no matter how you define it,
is having the audacity to believe you deserve it.
— Allison Werth