Premium Coaching Package

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Premium Coaching Package


See the description of the Premium Coaching Package below. Monthly payments are available.

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The Premium Coaching Package contains the following:

  • Energy Leadership Index assessment and debrief

  • 1:1 coaching - 12 sessions - Each session is approximately 60 minutes with the first session being approximately 90 minutes

  • The Soulful Impact Intensive -This will be completed within the 12 sessions; Learn how to recognize default settings, get clarity on how you want to show up as, deep discovery of passion, purpose, and vision, designing the future, and deployment of it…a blueprint for success.

  • 3 Quick Response Calls - when doing the work, sometimes you could use an extra call…utilize one of the quick response calls

  • Access to recordings of mini-series - these are video recordings from previous trainings

  • Coupon for free mini-series