How to Stay Inspired

Let's face it, there is a ton of negativity in the world.  It's easy to get sucked into it and it will happen if you are not consciously aware of what and who you are surrounding yourself with.

How to stay inspired is something that I questioned myself.  I know that can be a challenge for some people especially when there is so much negativity floating around.

How to Stay Inspired


In this blog post, I wanted to share 4 simple tips that I have applied to my life that not only keep me inspired, but also empower me.  They are simple.  They may be common knowledge for you but for the most part, may not be common practice.

1. Quiet Time for Yourself

This is an important one for me because as soon as the kids are up and the day starts, quiet time is a challenge.  Rather than try to find time when everyone else is awake, I find the time when everyone else is still asleep.

I get up early so that I can have some time to myself.  I use this time in a variety of reflect, to journal, to meditate, to get in the right mindset...

I truly love this time.

2.  Take Control of Health

It is amazing how inspiration can be influenced by your health.  Having a toxic body is reflected in a toxic mind.  Inspiration has difficulty weaving through a toxic mind.  When you feel good from the inside out, it makes a significant difference in your ability to stay inspired.

3.  Work on Yourself Daily

I take some time each and every day to work on myself and my mindset.  This may be reading a book, listening to audio or watching a video that inspires and empowers me in some way.  Each day I strive to create a better version of myself which assists me in achieving my goals.

4.  Express Gratitude

I complete my gratitude in a variety of ways.  At the end of each day, I have used a notebook to reflect on my day writing down 10 things that I am grateful for.  Doing this at night allows you to go to sleep with good things on your mind.  I have also recorded these in a notes doc on my phone.  That's all good until your phone crashes and resort back to a notebook and pen.

I've also written my gratitudes out in the morning as part of my quiet time.  Do what works for you, but if you are just starting, my recommendation would be to do them at night so that you end the day on a positive note.  

As I said, they are simple tips. They may be common knowledge, but for most people they are not common practice.

Take some time to implement these changes in your day!

May You Be Empowered to Reconnect with Your True Self and Fulfill the Purpose in Your Soulful Heart,

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Tips to Stay Empowered When Stressed Out

Have you ever had one of those days where life just seems to be working against you? Perhaps your schedules are all thrown off. Work was just awful. Your house is a disaster. The kids are all cranky and nothing seems to be going right and everything around you seems to be crumbling down. The weight is getting super heavy on your shoulders and you feel completely disempowered.

Have you ever had one of those days? I know exactly how you feel.I want to give you three simple tips that you can use to stay in an empowered state even when you are in a completely stressed out mode.


Tip 1:  Nothing Lasts Forever

The first tip is to remember it's temporary. Whether it is this current situation, this day, this moment, this hour etc., it will pass. When you are completely stressed out keep in mind you don't have to be a superhero mom. Being a superhero is overrated. Be a super mom. Be the best mom that you can be in those moments. Don't get sucked into the belief that you have to be a superhero mom and I have to solve everything for everybody and make everybody else perfect in their life while you are miserable. You are not required to do that. This is temporary. This shall pass. However, I do encourage you to ask for help in those moments. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Being vulnerable is actually a sign of strength.

Tip 2:  Creating a New Awareness

The second tip involves becoming aware of your language. In moments of stress, it’s easy to lash out at yourself with your words. Be conscious of your words and listen to what you're saying to yourself. Be aware of those words because those words are potentially disempowering you without you even knowing it. It's like a balloon with a little small leak. It is just sucking the energy out of you. Two extremely important words that you use in your language are “I am” and whatever follows after. Those words will either disempower you or empower you. For example, stating I am moving through this situation or I am a valuable person in my life or I am succeeding or I am becoming the person that I was born to be are all examples of empowering thoughts and words. When we disempower ourselves, we use phrases such as I am such an idiot or I am so stupid or I am so dumb or I am always overwhelmed etc. Be aware. Be conscious of the words that you are using even if it doesn't feel authentic right now. Stay conscious and be aware of your words. 


Tip 3: You've Got What It Takes to Tower Over It

Finally, ,the third tip is your strength will tower over your fears. In situations where you are feeling so stressed find that courage deep inside you. Find that belief deep inside you and know that your strength to get through any temporary situation. Your strength will absolutely tower over your fears. On the other side of fear is that courage. When you find courage, you find the person that you truly are.

In those stressed out moments, remember these three tips so that you stay empowered. Don't forget to join me (or catch the replay) for my Morning Soul Stretch live on my Facebook page Michelle Shutter - The Soulful Impact . I'm there every Monday thru Friday at 8 am CST! 

Here's to the Rise of Your Soulful Impact,

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