How to Stay Inspired

Let's face it, there is a ton of negativity in the world.  It's easy to get sucked into it and it will happen if you are not consciously aware of what and who you are surrounding yourself with.

How to stay inspired is something that I questioned myself.  I know that can be a challenge for some people especially when there is so much negativity floating around.

In this blog post, I wanted to share 4 simple tips that I have applied to my life that not only keep me inspired, but also empower me.  They are simple.  They may be common knowledge for you but for the most part, may not be common practice.

1. Quiet Time for Yourself

This is an important one for me because as soon as the kids are up and the day starts, quiet time is a challenge.  Rather than try to find time when everyone else is awake, I find the time when everyone else is still asleep.

I get up early so that I can have some time to myself.  I use this time in a variety of

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Jessica Kohn - Special OM-casions featured on Mompreneur Tube

mompreneur tube Apr 24, 2017

I'm just having a blast with these interviews!  Each mom is so very talented and has great information to share with all of you mompreneur and future mompreneurs.

Jessica Kohn is the owner of Special OM-casions. She has a unique business model in that she brings yoga to a variety of locations such as your home, workplace and special events. Jessica takes yoga out of the studio and brings it to you.. This idea didn't come to her immediately. It took some time to evolve into what it is today.

Yoga wasn't the career choice that she initially had. However, yoga has been a significant part of her life for many years even throughout her pregnancy.

After Jessica's second daughter was born, she was looking for a way to contribute to her family outside of being a mom. A question that she asked herself was, 'If I could do 1 thing for the rest of my life, what would it be?". Her answer: Yoga.

Check out this Mompreneur Tube interview with Jessica Kohn from Special OM-casions and learn...

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Content Marketing Tip for Mompreneurs

As an entrepreneur that is trying to build a business online, you want to have content that your follower will benefit from some way.  This can be content that you created or other content that you are sharing.

How do you accumulate a steady flow of valuable content that you provide your followers?

And how do you remember what content you want to share?

Here's a content marketing tip for all you mompreneurs that I use all the time.  

Always be a student and a learner. As you read books, listen to audios, watch videos, jot down different points that you can apply and create content around.

For example, when I am reading a book, I jot the page number on a post it and I leave it at the beginning of the book.  When I'm looking for content, I pick up the book, go that page number and refresh my memory about it.  Now I'm ready to create some content.

Other times I will write notes on a piece of paper and leave it in the book.  Same thing...when I am ready to...

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Do You Have the Mindset of a 10 Year Old

Do you have the mindset of a 10 year old?

This lesson from my 10 year old son is a powerful one on so many levels.

While we were in Mexico, there was an archery competition that my son competed in. He entered the competition with the mindset that he was going to win.

I love that he didn't think twice about the fact that there were only a few kids and the rest adults. I love the fact that he didn't analyze the death out of his decision. I love the fact that he just knew he was going to win.

We talked briefly about visualizing the outcome before he began. In addition, we discussed the anticipated and not so anticipated outcome. It was important to do your best regardless of the outcome.

Be sure to watch this video so you know exactly what happened! Pretty Amazing!


May Be Empowered to Reconnect with Your True Self and Fulfill the Purpose in Your Heart,

 Michelle Shutter's Mompreneur Success Blog

P.S.  Grab my free pdf - 9 Steps to Reconnect with Your True Self....

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Sarah Atkinson Healthy Living Acupuncture Featured on Mompreneur Tube

mompreneur tube Apr 04, 2017

I loved interviewing Sarah Atkinson because her story relates to so many of you moms that are in the heart of motherhood and growing a business.  She has a 5 month old and learning to balance it all can be a challenge. 

Sometimes the goal is just the day ahead...I love it.  Great advice Sarah!

Sarah shares what life as a mompreneur is like with a new baby and older children. One of the most rewarding experiences of being a mompreneur is being able to have the flexibility with her family...sometimes even bringing them to work!

Sarah Atkinson is the owner of Healthy Living Acupuncture. Acupuncture is all about moving blockages. Many of her patients see her for pain management. However, wellness and prevention are key and acupuncture is perfect for that as well.

Her story began in a nursing programs. She has experience in home-car hospice and hospitals and even went to college for nursing. However, she learned a big lesson in working in all these different places.

Due to...

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Julie Frausto from Lakeshore Medical Thermomgraphy Featured on Mompreneur Tube

mompreneur tube Mar 20, 2017

Have you ever wondered what thermography is an how it can benefit you?

In this video, Julie Frausto, owner of Lakeshore Medical Thermography, explains exactly what medical thermography is. The digital imaging allows for early detection by examining the heat patterns of the body.

Julie also shares her story as a mompreneur. Her journey as an entrepreneur began long before she even had children. She wanted to pursue her passions and didn't see that in the traditional job.

She finds fulfillment in the different areas of her life not only as a mompreneur.

Julie has active kids and balances life, family, and business. Yet, she faces challenges as well. Julie shares her challenges when it comes to a start up and how to overcome it.

For more information, contact Julie Frausto Lakeshore Medical Thermography at 920-207-3959

Release your mompreneur spirit and fulfill the purpose in your heart,


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Lisa LaBoy from LaBoy Photography Featured on Mompreneur Tube

mompreneur tube Mar 03, 2017

I always love interviewing a mom who takes a few different paths before finding what truly is at her heart.  This is definitely the case with Lisa LaBoy from Laboy Photography. 

A career in nursing or cosmetology was not a good fit for her but being a mompreneur certainly is!

Lisa LaBoy is the owner of LaBoy Photography and she is truly living her purpose. In this episode of Mompreneur Tube, she shares her journey on how she became a mompreneur. Ironically, she stumbled onto this path of being a mompreneur.  

I love how she keeps the journey real for moms. Lisa shares the importance of surrounding yourself with people that can get you through those struggling, overwhelming moments.  We all have them. 

But most of all, you can feel her passion resonate as she shareshow she serves her clients and the why behind her success.  

Lisa can be contacted through her website at

Go out each and everyday and fulfill that...

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Dr. Cindy Munson Chiropractor Featured on Mompreneur Tube

So here we are!  The first episode of Mompreneur Tube!  I'm so excited to be sharing these episodes with all of you.  Guaranteed you will gain something valuable from each of the mompreneurs I interview.

Today I interviewed Dr. Cindy Munson, a chiropractor at Chiro-Health, in Plymouth, WI.  Dr. Cindy and chiropractic care has been a part of mine and my family's wellness for many years.

Dr. Cindy shares her journey as a mompreneur. Her vision and purpose is to positively impact the health of people and growing families. While her focus is on the neurology of the body, she shares and educates her patients different wellness and lifestyle tips.

I love her vision...impacting the health of families from early from a preventative and wellness position.


Dr. Munson shares the transition she had to go through when she got married and had children and how to balance family and a practice.

We also discuss the culture she has developed in her Chiro-Health office...

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Mompreneur Tube

One of the things I love about being a mompreneur the most is being able to tap back into my creative side which is full of ideas.

Mompreneur Tube is one of those ideas that came to me to assist moms who are looking to start their own business.  My motto for Mompreneur Tube is "Keeping the Journey Real".  

I want moms to know that regardless of where you are...whether you've just come up with an idea, you're looking for a business model, you've launched a new business or you've been in business for quite awhile, we all still face challenges and sometimes we don't have it all together.

The beauty in this is that it's's are not alone.

Mompreneur Tube is to educate you on different business models and ideas.  In addition, the mompreneurs will share various challenges, what they did to overcome them and how they "balance" business, being an entrepreneur and family.

I'll be posting the episodes on my blog, but you'll also be able to find them on ...

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Tips to Stay Empowered when Stressed Out

motivation for moms Jan 30, 2017

Have you ever had one of those days where life just seems to be working against you? Perhaps your schedules are all thrown off. Work was just awful. Your house is a disaster. The kids are all cranky and nothing seems to be going right and everything around you seems to be crumbling down. The weight is getting super heavy on your shoulders and you feel completely disempowered.

Have you ever had one of those days? I know exactly how you feel.I want to give you three simple tips that you can use to stay in an empowered state even when you are in a completely stressed out mode.


Tip 1:  Nothing Lasts Forever

The first tip is to remember it's temporary. Whether it is this current situation, this day, this moment, this hour etc., it will pass. When you are completely stressed out keep in mind you don't have to be a superhero mom. Being a superhero is overrated. Be a super mom. Be the best mom that you can be in those moments. Don't get sucked into the belief that you have to be...

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