One of the things that I had to learn on my quest was the internal blocks that I kept creating and recreating for myself.  It was the volume of the vicious voice that seemed to be set on high all the time.


I was the one standing in my own way...

and unfortunately, I was really good at it.

I was self-sabbotaging...

I was limiting my potential because I was not in full alignment with who I was, who I was created to be and who I was living into. I probably could have gone into the masonry business because I was sooooo good at building brick walls.

The internal work is so important because that is the gateway to success.  The soul work is the most important work.

Once you work through the inner blocks that are holding you back, you'll want to make sure you have pieces in place so that you don't go backwards because it is easy to happen!  

All it takes is a crack for that vicious voice to start to whisper to you.

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